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Roller Release

Allem's Guncraft has just introduced a new & innovative release trigger system called the Allem Roller Release that utilizes a roller at the contact point on the release hook. The contact point is the surface area where the trigger & release hook slide against each other, causing wear & friction between the two points.

With conventional sears, removing metal from the mating surfaces is done to change the speed but metal removed cannot be put back without a lot of costly extra work & possibly some new parts.

By using a roller at this point, it produces a smoother & friction-free set & release by allowing the free-turning roller to roll the hook into position.


The roller release is also tunable for the shooter's individual needs, allowing for a slow with creep release or a fast & crisp let-off. This is achieved by simply changing the various size rollers with a screwdriver.

Five different size rollers are available. No more filing, welding, bending or smashing on the sear, hook or the hammer to make adjustments. The roller can also be removed to go from a release to a pull trigger in a matter of minutes. This roller release system (for which a patent is pending) is available for most guns.

Call (215-679-9016) or email us at for more information.

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